Albertina de Lange

I would like to give Audrey massive thank you! She did an exquisite job with my flower arrangements on the tables for my wedding as well as the most beautiful bouquet and flower crown!! Audrey is so incredibly talented!!!!! I was so lucky to have her part of our special day!!!! She is AMAZING!!

Rian Sprigh

Audrey is a Godsend. When we first contacted her to get information and a quote, she went on her own accord, without any confirmation that we would use her services, to the venue we chose to see what she can do. She sent us pictures and videos of the venue (as we are living abroad and had to arrange everything electronically) She was direct and honest about our requested flowers, very knowledgeable about what’s in season when, and miraculously was able to source our most wanted King Protea for our special day. Not only that, she made the most beautiful full arrangements and table decor. She is so helpful with guidance and suggestions on how to realize our dreams. She even harvested (from her farm) and cautiously dried, for weeks, the greenery that we wanted for our confetti. She cares about every single detail! She honestly gave us more than we could ever have asked for! Thank you so so much Audrey for making our day so very beautiful!!!

Kaylee Ann McGinn

It was an absolute pleasure working with Audrey. We planned our wedding from Dubai and she still got it spot on with our flowers. We appreciate all her patience with us and was everything we wanted and more. I would recommend Audreys services to anyone❤️

Shirley-Lynn Turner Engelbrecht

Audrey is the kindest, sweetest person to work with. She really puts so much heart into everything she does. I couldn’t have asked for a better person, than her, to plan out and do the decor for my wedding day. She took away all my stress becuase I felt confident knowing that it was in her capable hands. And she blew me away with the end result. I would totally recommend this lady. Everytime. Any day! 😃💍🌹

Shirley Lynn

Thank you Audrey! It was amazing. Everything was so so beautiful. I could not have imagined it better. I’m so grateful that I met you and could work with you on making our day perfect. You made it so easy for me. Thank you, thank you xxx Shirley Lynn

Rina Van Aarde

What an amazing journey it was with Audrey, helping my son Craig and his beautiful fiancé Kaylee plan their flowers for their wedding! Patience, support and loads of love is what Audrey gives, and of course tons of her amazing creativity! Everything was just beautiful! Thank you 🌸


Party by Design – WoW Audrey Botha so perfect! When it comes to organising wedding/functions my family is a weird one (ok only the women). We suffer from all kinds of disorders…OCD for sure and then something my dad calls 5mm syndrome (something will look like it’s 100% and then one of us will move it just 5mm and say that is perfect!) The men usually just get out of our way🤣So for us to receive flowers for a functions and not change anything, says a lot. Every single piece of foliage and flower exactly like we wanted it! What excellence! Thank you so much Auds


As mother of the bride I was very anxious that things could go wrong Audrey however immediately grasp our theme and needs, went out of her way to source every single flower and foliage, kept regular contact and boy o boy…. Did she deliver beyond our expectations!!! I compliment you and salute you Audrey Botha for a ‘job’ well done. Although this was not a ‘job’ for Audrey – she gave us a part of herself (passion / care / kindness) – for this I thank you from my heart!!!!!

Audrey did the most amazing flower arrangements for my daughter Tess who married at Zorgvliet 29th September. She even did more than her brief. 11 out of 10 Audrey

Jo Swart

… I am always amazed at Audrey Botha’s creativity. She goes out of her way to relate and present the best design for the given occasion. She puts so much of herself into each and every presentation. We always feel spoilt by her generosity. Thank You Audrey Botha for keeping your eye’s open to what’s the very best, lastest and freshest design out there and bringing this into our homes, lives and hearts xoxo

Yolanda Amaral Silva

no doubt that this lady can do flowers designs out of a magazine. absolutely amazing! !!

Yolandi van der Merwe

Dankie Audrey vir die pragtige blomme vandag en die hulp met die shoot. Love jou werk!!!

Juaditha Pretorius

Audrey you have such a special gift! Thank for the beautiful flowers-it made our day! Thank you for making the flowers we ordered even more beautiful than we had hoped for. It is easy to promote your amazing work. Party by Design has a bright future ahead!

Jean Taylor

Good morning dear Audrey, You are a gem. 💎 I had another look at the flowers. I didn’t take it all in last night & couldnt ownload video. Now I see how tall, imposing & exquisite the centre piece is in your wrought iron stand. I see the gyp & grey Penny gum with white gladioli & greenery is rich yet delicate too. Green & white chrysanthemums & rucus too & the extras. The little ones are so tasteful too. The quality of the flowers is just gorgeous. Lovely in the small vases. What a lot of effort! Top notch! The props are artistic & tasteful. Lantern, candles on stand, straw teddy. What a gift of love to Mum & I. Oh Audrey. Thank you for this magnificent effort. Just inspired by the Holy Spirit. One of the Scottish so gs being played is Flowers of the Forest 🌳 & Kim has Scottish wild towers on the front & back of the brochure. 🌿🌸🍀🍄🍀🌺🌿🗾 So nice to have it all completed the day before. Love you very much, Jean.

Candice Cole

From the moment we started discussion, I knew my daughter’s 21st event was in the best hands. My requirements were listened to and brought to realisation in the most beautiful way. Thank you Audrey. Service, attention to requests and details like this is hard to find. Highly recommended for any function

Tristan Tiltman

What to say… great talent displayed by the awesome Audrey Botha. Party by Design offers affordable pricing, beautiful designs and a superb customer experience. Will definitely use this for every flower arrangement I need in the future!!

Herma Blairhook

What a greate surprise when i learned that i was the winner af this awesome flowers. Thank you for the arrangement Party by Design. They are absolutely amazing.